Nahuel Huapi National Park has two main basins: the great basin of the Limay river, which includes lake Nahuel Huapi and rivers Traful and Caleufú, and the basin of the Manso river, in the southern part of the park. Between them, they contain 14 large lakes joined by a network of rivers and brooks, all of which are accessible by road. The park has high Andean ecosystems, Andean-Patagonian forests with parts of Valdivian temperate forest, and a part of Patagonian Steppe.


There are three angling methods:

> Spin fishing
The easiest technique for beginners. The weight for casting is given by a spinning lure (usually a spoon lure) or a sinker.
> Fly fishing
A method where the weight for casting is given by a weighted line, instead of the lure. This technique requires a higher level of skill. In some areas, only fly fishing is allowed.
> Trolling
Dragging the fishing line from a boat. Requires a special permit and has special rules. For example, trolling is not allowed within 200 meters of the source of a river or brook.

It is forbidden to use fishing traps, harpoons, explosives or firearms, as well as underwater fishing.


In these waters there are salmonids such as the rainbow trout, the brown trout, the brook trout and the landlocked salmon. These species are known for their intelligence and tenacity, making their capture a source of pride among anglers. On average, most specimens range between 1 and 2 kg, and it is not unusual for them to reach up to 4 kg. A 16.3 kg brown trout was caught in lake Nahuel Huapi, which can be seem embalmed at the Asociación de Pesca y Caza Nahuel Huapi (Nahuel Huapi Fishing and Hunting Association).

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Brown trout

Brown trout

Salmo trutta

Brook trout

Brook trout

Salvelinus fontinalis

Landlocked salmon

Landlocked salmon

Salmo salar sebago

Guides and fishing trips

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It is mandatory to obtain a permit before fishing in Patagonia. Anglers are required to carry it at all times and present it whenever required to do so by the authorities. Permit fees vary depending on the validity period, the age and residency status of the person requesting it, and special cases such as disability. In Bariloche, the permit can be obtained in sporting good stores, large bookstores and other shops.

Prices of fishing permits for the 2014-2015 season
Period Residents of Argentina Residents of
neighboring countries
Residents of
other countries
Day $45 $135 $270
Week $90 $360 $810
Season $180 $540 $1080
Minors between 13 and 17 years old, inclusive.
Minors under 13, seniors over 65, retirees, pensioners and persons with disabilities.
Additional per day.
Additional per week.
Additional per season.

Rules and regulations

Fishing Rulebook for the 2014-2015 Season
Fishing Rulebook
2014-2015 Season

It is recommended that anglers familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations before fishing. General rules must be considered, as well as rules applying specifically to the chosen location. Some of the most important general rules are:

> Season:
From 1 November through 1 May inclusive.
> Limits:
  • Rivers and brooks: mandatory release.
  • Lakes and lagoons: usually one fish per person per day.
> Forbidden:
  • Live bait.
  • Night fishing.