Mountain Biking


The region around Bariloche is perfect for sightseeing on a bicycle. There are trails going through forests, up and down mountains, around lakes and across rivers. There are easy trails for family rides, or longer, harder trailer for seasoned riders. In winter, riding on the snow is a unique challenge. Mountain bikes are specially prepared to face the difficulties and steep slopes found in mountain settings. It is recommended to always ride with a guide who is familiar with the area.

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Destination Approximate duration Distance on bicycle Difficulty
Valley of the Chall-Huaco Half a day 40 km Easy

Starting on Provincial Route 40, on the outskirts of the city, it is a 10 km ride to Juan Javier Neumeyer mountain hut. In the vicinity of the hut, there are several places to visit, such as Laguna Verde (Green lagoon), Valle de los Perdidos (Valley of the Lost) and the Mirador del Valle vantage point.

Lake Guillelmo Half a day 22 km Easy

Riding along Privincial Route 40, it follows the east shores of lakes Gutiérrez and Mascardi until reaching Villa Mascardi. From there, a gravel road leads to Lake Guillelmo, crossing creeks, beaches and Coihue forests.

Cerro Otto Half a day 25 km Intermediate

Starting at the foot of the mountain, 1 km outside the center of town, it climbs up to a military outpost. From there, it rides through Ciprés and Lenga forests towards the revolving restaurant. There is an option to continue to the Habsburg vantage point, which has a view of Lake Gutiérrez and cerro Catedral. The descent can be made down the same road, or using smaller, harder trails.

Villa Catedral Half a day 45 km Intermediate

From the center of town, it is a 20 km ride on the paved road leading to Villa Catedral. The way back can be made via Lake Gutiérrez and Villa Los Coihues.

Bosque de Arrayanes (Arrayanes Forest) 1 day 24 km Easy

It begins at the entrance to the Quetrihue peninsula, near Villa La Angostura, about 85 km from Bariloche. Passing by Patagua lagoon, after 12 km it reaches the Bosque de Arrayanes, a unique forest of Arrayán trees.

Lower Valley of the Manso River 1 day 22 km Intermediate

Starts at the first bridge that crosses the Manso, some 80 km from Bariloche. If follows the river along 22 km until the second bridge, where there is a campground and a beach. As an option, the trail continues up to the border with Chile, another 22 km away.

Cerro Las Buitreras 1 day 50 km Intermediate

Beginning at the bridge over the Ñireco creek, on the outskirts of the city, it is a 20 km ride to the Ñirihuau river. From there you can visit the surroundings of Las Buitreras mountain, which has rocky cliffs where Andean Condors nest.

Llum lagoon 2 days 66 km Intermediate

It begins in Bariloche and follows Provincial Route 40 along the side of Lake Guitiérrez. It then takes a detour and crosses the Fresco and Tuqueco creeks. Along Lake Mascardi, through the forest, there is a road that leads to Llum lagoon.

Petrohué, Chile 3 days 50 km Intermediate

First, there is a boat trip to Puerto Blest. From there it is a 4 km ride to Frías lagoon, where there is a second boat. After reaching Puerto Alegre, there is an 11 km road leading to the border with Chile, and then another 16 km to Peulla, where there is a third boat which sails across lake Todos Los Santos towards Petrohué. From the lake you can see the Osorno and Puntiagudo volcanos, and from Petrohué you can visit Ensenada and the Saltos de Petrohué waterfalls.