Road Trips and Tours


Circuito Chico (Short Tour)

Duration: Half a day Start: -41.0689, -71.4824 Distance from town: 18.0 km Recorrido Length: 25.0 km

One of the most traditional tours in the region. It begins on Bustillo Avenue, 18 km from the center of town, and can be followed in either direction. The paved road follows the east side of Lake Moreno, passes the Llao-Llao Hotel, Puerto Pañuelo and San Eduardo Chapel, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting with several vantage points. Along the way, there are several shops selling arts and crafts and local food products, as well as restaurants, tea houses and pubs. Colonia Suiza, a small swiss settlement, is a short detour away, and the Cerro Campanario chairlift is just 500 meters before the starting point of the tour.


Circuito Grande (Long Tour)

Duration: 1 day Start: -41.0326, -71.1531 Distance from town: 20.0 km Recorrido Length: 200.0 km

This tour follows the north shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, the south shore of Lake Traful, and a part of the river Limay, while also visiting other lakes and rivers in the region. Other natural wonders include the Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley), with its rock formations carved by erosion, and the Anfiteatro (Amphitheater). Villa Traful, located just about midway, is a great place to rest and have lunch, and around Villa La Angostura you can find Puerto Manzano, the ski resort in Cerro Bayo, and the beginning of the path that leads to the Bosque de Arrayanes, a unique forest of Arrayán trees.


Teleférico Cerro Otto (Cerro Otto Cable Car)

Duration: Half a day Start: -41.1294, -71.3694 Distance from town: 5.0 km Recorrido Length: 2.1 km

This cable car spans 2100 meters in approximately 12 minutes, climbing from the foot of the mountain, at 800 meters above sea level, up to the top of Cerro Otto, at around 1405 meters above sea level and just a few meters from the revolving restaurant. Nearby, you can visit the Pierdra Habsburg (Habsburg Rock) vantage point, and the old house of pioneer Otto Meiling. The lower station is located on De Los Pioneros Avenue, 5 km from the center of town. You can get there using public transport or by free shuttle from the center of town.


Confitería Giratoria (Revolving Restaurant)

Duration: Half a dar Location: -41.1444, -71.3760 Distance from town: 10.0 km

Located at the top of Cerro Otto, 1450 meters above sea level, the restaurant makes one turn every 20 minutes, allowing visitors to view Bariloche's surroundings while enjoying their meal. The view encompasses the city of Bariloche, the mountains Tronador, Catedral and López, among others, and the lakes Nahuel Huapi, Moreno and Gutiérrez. You can get there by car, trekking, o riding the cable car. Inside the complex there is an art gallery which houses real-size replicas of three of the most important works of Michelangelo: the Statue of David, Pietá, and the Statue of Moses. There is a funicular and, during winter, activities such as sled rides and walks with snow rackets. From the restaurant, you can also visit the Habsburg vantage point and the old house of pioneer Otto Meiling.


Aerosilla Cerro Campanario (Cerro Campanario Chairlift)

Duration: Half a day Start: -41.0708, -71.4749 Distance from town: 17.5 km Recorrido Length: 0.6 km

Located around 17.5 km from the city center, Cerro Campanario has a chairlift that spans 640 meters in 7 minutes, climbing to 1050 meters above sea level. A wonderful view of the surrounding lakes and mountains can be seen from the top, where there is a restaurant and cafeteria.


Cerro Leones (Cerro Leones)

Duration: Hald a day Location: -41.0768, -71.1449 Distance from town: 15.0 km

This tour features a guided visit to a series of caves, walking along paths that are accessible for most people. Ancient cave paintings can be observed, and the guide will explain the history, geography, zoology, botany and geology of the place, in a way that is simple and entertaining for children and adults alike. The tour includes a visit to one of the largest caves in the area, measuring 30 meters wide and 130 meters long, and containing a natural spring which forms a small lagoon inside the cave. The visit ends with a breathtaking panoramic view and a forest of Ciprés trees.

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